Public Speaking

Prescription for Successful Public Speaking Workshop

Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) can severely disrupt your normal life interfering with school, work or social relationships.

Dr Ade’s prescription can treat those symptoms and help you heal your fears.

Dr Ade can help you learn how to
• Control your nerves to speak and think clearly
• Speak with passion, sincerity and conviction
• Use your body to speak the same language and enhance the same message as your words
• Write an organised and structured speech in less than 5 minutes
• Gain credibility with your audience
• Present yourself with poise and confidence
• Choose a captivating topic and
• And much more

Master your fears and the art of public speaking! You can become accomplished at public speaking and enhance your school, work and social relationships.

Make a small investment of time and money to become a successful public speaker and change your life.

To attend a Prescription for Successful Public Speaking Workshop [Click here]

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