Health and Fitness

Revitalise Your Life with Dr Ade’s Health Seminar

Do you or someone you know suffer from any of these conditions:-
• Heart disease?
• High blood pressure?
• Strokes?
• Diabetes?
• Cancer?
• Obesity?
• Stress?

Research shows, our lifestyle significantly contribute to the development of these conditions.

By attending this informative and enabling seminar you will
• Become more aware of the consequences of the lifestyle choice
you are making
• Learn how to make healthy life style choices
• Leave armed with the information to assess your health and the necessary changes to make

Through the consistent application of these information you will
• Reduce the risk of having these diseases
• Decrease complications of these diseases
• Become more effective and productive
• Have increased confidence and self esteem
• Have increased opportunity to fulfil life goals

For more information or to book your place [Click here]

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Health and Fitness


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