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About Dr Ade Adeyemi

Dr. Ade Adeyemi, MBBS, MRCGP, is a medical doctor, accomplished Master of Ceremonies, public speaker and motivational trainer. He delivers cutomised keynote presentations, facilitates workshops and seminars on public speaking, presentation skills, health & fitness and personal development.

He has been a medical doctor since 1988 and has immense experience in hospital medicine and Family Practice. Since 1999 he has devoted himself to Family practice and works in a busy South West London group practice.

A competent toastmaster (CTM), acclaimed public speaker and trainer, Dr Ade has won many awards for his speaking ability. In 2005, he won first placements at club, area and division levels of the Toastmaster International speaking contests. He went all the way to the United Kingdom final contest held in Bath where he was judged to be one of the top eight speakers in England and Ireland. He was also named Toastmaster of the year at the Epsom Speakers club in Surrey, United Kingdom.

He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Toastmaster International and an associate member of the Professional Speakers Association.

He believes that despite whatever card life deals you, you can rise again and be a 'Winner'. His 'Yes You Can' keynote and workshop have inspired and motivated youth and adults from all backgrounds.

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About Dr Ade
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