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You must become one

I have studied successful people extensively and noticed that they all have one thing in common, irrespective of their areas of expertise. It is a quality that I would like you to develop. Successful people are life long learners; I would like you to become one. Research has shown that whatever we learn today will be obsolete in 5 years, it is therefore crucial we maintain continuing personal development. Jim Rohn states that ‘‘If you want to earn more, you need to learn more’’. Patricia Harrison put it this way ‘‘Formal education earns you a living, but self education earns you a fortune’’. There are several ways we can learn but this month I would like to remind you of three easy ones.

1. By Reading
It is said ‘‘Readers are Leaders’’ Successful people are constantly updating their knowledge by reading. Studies have shown that, once people leave higher education 80% never opens a book again. Let this not be you! Find current books in your field or profession, subscribe to journals, magazines and newsletters of your area of interest. This will enable you to be on the cutting edge of your field. I love reading and set myself the target of reading 25 books a year. Why don’t you set yourself a challenging and achievable goal for 2006?

2. By Listening
Successful people manage their time well and do not have a minute unaccounted for. Most people spend half an hour or more travelling to and from work several times a week. This time can be used to learn anything. With the availability of various technical gadgets such as walkmans, CD players, ipods, mp3 players we can listen to experts on any subject. Indeed audio programs exist on virtually any subject. Listening to some of these programs regularly, will over a short period of time increase your knowledge in your chosen field. I regularly listen to audio programmes on cassette tapes and CDs in my car whilst travelling and have gained so much knowledge in a short period. Why don’t you try this method of learning and see how fast your knowledge will increase?

3. By Attending
Ancient scripture says ‘‘Seek and ye will find’’ Successful people do not wait for the information to come to them; they seek it out. They search for information by attending seminars and conferences. I schedule time to attend conferences and seminars several times a year. Using this method over the years, I have increased my knowledge in several areas of leadership, faith, relationship and speaking. I recommend this method of learning. I am confident you will remain current and up to date in our fastly evolving society.

So, there you have it. Become a life long learner by becoming a reader, listener and an attendee of conferences and seminars. As you do these you will marvel at the rate your knowledge increases and it won’t be long before you become the person you want to be.

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